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Death Camas

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Alpacas are our main business here, they are our Lifestyle Investment. We love them, we treat them, breed them, and we birth them, we stay up nights for them if need be. We know each of their habits, personalities, quirks and temperaments.
We've Been Raising Alpacas since 1994.Magnificent Quality - Extra Ordinary Personalities & Color - Breeding, Health, Caring, Boarding, Fiber and Answers


  • Hey, I'm looking cute.
  • Condrundrum A Color Champion!
  • Moms with Crias
  • Crias playing
  • Miss Elisa
  • Cria
  • Red Fox Stained Glass
  • The herd
  • Lady's little Girl
  • Latigo
  • Just Roaming around
  • The every sooo friendly Miss Amanda
  • Monty (I think)
  • Piasa with her new little boy
  • So this is what you make from the fiber!
  • Monty
  • Big Yawn


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Natural Fiber Producers
Natural Fiber Producers
US grown, US processed and all the profit goes back to the farms.

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