Web site design for smaller sites, site maintenance, domain name research and registration, hosting ranges from $250 to $1000/year. It depend upon the size of the site and the projected amount of updates required for a given year.

I do not charge by the hour, instead I make it clear what the estimated total amount of work in a given year, and then charge based upon that information. Contract for web design and maintenance is paid a year in advance.

Does not include store front (e-commerce), large uses of javascript programming.

Generally websites come with the following when hosted and maintained by me:

Email redirected (web based) addresses.

A website that has anti-spam features built-in that prevents the capture of email addresses on the site.

Contact page that allows visitors to leave their name, address, telephone, email address and comments and send same to you via email.

A state-of-the-art menu system when required to navigate the web site. Minimum requirements will be determined by me.


Photos, all text, purpose, location, business logo(s). (In digital form, please)
Any special design requirements, colors, fonts, etc.

If for alpaca site; include copies of Alpaca ARI Spreadsheet, text for all alpacas, photos. Expand the spreradsheet to include only the alpacas you wish on the site, along with prices if you want to include that. Include in digital form, a description of each alpaca.

In addition to alpaca for sale, include foundation herd (if needed), standing-at-stud, junior herdsires and other animals on the ranch, LGD, llama(s), cats, dogs, fish? and/or any other pets.

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